This is where we will try to update the research and projects we are working on. The schedule is tentative based upon funding and research institution schedule.

Sickle Cell

There are two concepts we would like to test  and/or study.

The first is to apply fluid dynamics to the concept of removing the Sickle Cells prior to a Crisis (Silent Torture).
The concept is straight forward. The rub comes in to produce a valid Proof of Concept.
Cost of the initial Proof of Concept should be less than $100,000.

This will be a medical device so proper testing is mandatory.

The final vision is to create a device that runs on 5 volts and is extreme portable. Most smart phones run on about 5volts. We are also shooting for the sterile disposable part that will be about the size of an ink cartridge.

The second concept is to see if varying the pressure surrounding a person that is in crisis will break loose the Sickle Cell road block.

Women with Hemophilia

Our first solution is to prevent and recover mobility in Ankle Target Joints.

We are looking for funding to produce the first portion of the video series. We were able to secure a production company to create these videos.

There will be some push back from the Medical Industrial Complex on this concept. Lay people were the ones that determined this solution. The Medical Industrial Complex is very jealous when concepts are proved.

We are basing this video series on things we have done in the past that worked for us

Next stuff

As a people with hemophilia there are many Old Wives Tales and tall stories about possible solution. We will put these to the test. Haggard was given a solution from an alternative medicine office. According to Haggard this herb does work. He was bleeding for a few days and took this powder and the bleeding stopped.

We must put these possible solutions to the test.


While working on the video series it was found that the most important part of the solution is doing it every day. The concept is to protect the ankle from further damage. If you don't protect the ankle and it rolls and causes damage it is difficult to go back in time to apply the solution.

One of the reasons that Haggard's joints are in good shape at his old age is strengthening and completing physical therapy.  Yes, Physical Therapy does suck. It doesn't matter. Suck it up and do it.

This is why we are also looking to creating a series of motivational videos that may help folks to complete and maintain the processes needed to maintain joint health.

Haggard is the worst we have ever seen to motivate people. This is why we are enlisting others to record the motivational videos.