Motorcycle Ride Stuff

This is the location for all things motorcycle.


This is where maps, narative, photos, and other junk regarding Haggard's long distance rides will be located.



In high school  haggard was forced to read a book on motorcycle maintenance. I never understood that book. All he  can say is 'I am Haggard I am not ZEN ... what ever that is'.



This is where Haggard will discuss how to ride in all kinds of weather.



This is where Haggard discusses what you need for riding in different weather..

Your Brain Bucket is your most important piece of equipment.



This is where Haggard will jot down some of his more interesting stories.

Note: Never trust Haggard. He has been know to tell a yarn or to.

Hey, this is Haggard. Most of the stories i tell have a grain of truth.

Truth to be told. I don't care if you believe me. I am not about to provide any evidence for anything. Doing so ruins the base concept of an entertaining story. Never let truth get in the way of a good story.

Does anyone care if a snake is 10 feet long or just 8 feet long.


I don't mind snakes if they are behind glass. I do mind snakes in the wild when they have little rattles on their tail.

I prefer my pests cute and furry. Scales don't give me a warm fuzzy feeling.