Forest Road


Thank you for donating to Haggard Rider.

Haggard rider is not designed to enrich any of the board members. It is designed to educate people about healthy joints and lifestyles with those with blood disorders. While gathering money to fund directed research on blood disorders. 

These blood disorders are less popular, there for, less money for the Pharmaceutical Industry. The Pharmaceutical companies are primarily researching products (solutions) that will add to their bottom line.

Haggard Rider wants to work for your donation. You can donate a per mile/day for a ride. You can earmark your money to go towards tires, oil change, and comfortable seat. We don’t want to be the normal charity where everyone sits in comfortable office chairs sipping on a Soy Latte waiting for donations.

Mail your check made out to Haggard Rider and snail mail it to:

Middleton Community Bank
3207 Parmenter St
Middleton, WI 53562

Or you can click on one of the buttons below.